Be Enlightened Triple Scented Luxury Candle Lavender & Mint

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    Be enlightened candles are hand poured in Sydney using American non-toxic Wax. They always melt to the edge and scent the whole house. You do not get the awful hole in the middle like a lot of other brands.
    So many candles smell when you pick them up but when you light them you cannot smell them. Our candles even scent upstairs.

    Lavender & Mint
    Bright but calming and relaxing notes of herbal lavender spikes and fresh thyme are enlivened with bracing menthol, a dash of eucalyptus and sweet spearmint oil with an added dimension of sweet musk and a hint of spiciness to create this refreshing but delightfully relaxing fragrance.

    Gift Boxed.
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    Additional Information

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