Bodum Assam Teapot 1.0l Black

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    Some years ago the British Tea Council asked BODUM to develop a new way of brewing tea. We set a lofty goal for ourselves: we wanted our new teapot to respect the delicate nature of tea and bring its richest flavors to full bloom. And we wanted it to be even easier to use than tea bags. The success of the ASSAM Teapot suggests that we might have reached it. The tea press system is a surprisingly simple brewing system that gives any tea the optimal time and space to develop its rich flavor bouquet with the plunger in- terrupting that process at the preferred time with one little push. The ASSAM Teapot comes with a spacious plastic filter where tea leaves swirl freely in order to release their stimulating qualities. When the infusion time comes to an end, the push of the plunger encapsulates the pressed tea leaves at the dead end of the strainer and the brewing process is stopped. The 1.0l ASSAM is made from borosilicate glass – an outstan- ding material, as it’s light and strong and absolutely neutral in taste.

    Borosilicate glass tea press with plastic filter. 1.0l
    Black handle and lid.
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