Global 4 Piece Knife set with magnetic wall mounted rack

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    Not only does this set contain the kitchen's four most-used blades, but the enclosed magnetic knife rack keeps them at arm's length all the time. Keeping knives in a convenient place safely goes a long way in terms of efficiency and peace of mind.

    The 20cm cook's knife is by far and away the most-important tool a chef can own, and Global makes a splendid one.

    Detail work is the domain of the paring knife and the utility knife handles jobs too big for the paring knife (it's great for sandwiches and a host of non-culinary tasks). The bread knife keeps loaves pristine because it refuses to crush them, and it's also pretty good with things like tomatoes. Let the blade do the work.

    Set Contains:
    - 8cm paring knife
    - 15cm flexible utility knife
    - 20cm cook's knife
    - 22cm bread knife
    - 50cm magnetic knife rack

    The brand of choice for countless chefs around the world, Global knives are renowned for their versatility and exceptional agility.

    The hallmark of Global's knives are their handles. Seamless designs and dimple-pattern grips make these knives virtually unbreakable, provide a comfortable and secure grip in any hand and are completely hygienic. If looks alone won't sell you on Global knives, the performance they deliver will.

    First introduced in 1985 by Yoshikin Manufacturing, the innovative designs of Global knives quickly took the culinary world by storm. Devised as a blend of Italian design, German durability and Japanese precision, Global knives revolutionised modern cutlery with their solid steel construction.

    Global uses a CroMoVa 18 stainless steel that is tempered twice for superior blades with sharp and resilient edges. Lightweight construction and perfectly weighted handles ensure superior balance and control. Global guarantees all of their products for life.

    Warranty Details
    Limited lifetime warranty (10 years) The Global products guarantee covers any defect in material or workmanship. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the damaged item in question.
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