Neoflam Midas Pans Set of 9

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    The beautiful Midas set of 9 pans is a smart and adaptable design cookware system, featuring space-saving nestable storage. The pans also come with a patented detachable Bakelite handle which makes it really handy when you want to use them for serving or store them in the fridge or freezer without taking up too much space. It’s also great when you have all pots and pans on the hob and the handles only get in the way! We love versatile products and this one packs in much bang for the buck - the set is multi-functional – take them from cooktop to table or oven to freezer. There are plastic lids that come with the set so that they can be stored in the fridge or freezer efficiently. The handle also is specially designed so that when the pots and pans bear weight, the handle cannot come off – making it super safe to use as well. The base of the pan features a patented SunBeam design and the exterior walls are textured. The set comes in a range of pleasing colours for an immediate aesthetic appeal.

    The set includes a

    - 16cm sauce pan
    - 20cm casserole pan (2.4L capacity)
    - 24cm low casserole pan (2.7L capacity)
    - 28cm fry pan
    - Detachable handle
    - 2 glass lids – 20cm and 24cm
    - 2 plastic lids – 20cm and 24cm

    Made in Korea
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