Neoflam Venn Roaster & Deep Baking Tray 397x360x85mm Red

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    Neoflam Venn is a colourful, enjoyable range of aluminium cookware, with a subtle octagonal shape which gives it a sturdy appearance. To protect the aluminium structure and provide a non-stick, easy to clean surface, Neoflam Venn cookware has a silica-based Ecolon ceramic surface. Ecolon conducts heat to cook like a metal or enamel surface, but resists burnt on food and greasy residue. Ecolon non-stick allows for serving delicate foods without breakage, and clean up is effortless, however it is not PTFE based, doesn't scratch or chip from metal utensils, and will not emit fumes when overheated.
    Cast aluminium construction has variable thickness for excellent heat performance
    Ecolon silica-based ceramic surface is non-stick, easy to clean and extremely scratch resistant
    Subtle octagonal shape is stylish and gives structure to the pots
    Range of brilliant, appealing colours in a slight gradient
    Seamlessly integrated handles are sturdy, have no pieces to come loose with age, and have an elegant, understated aesthetic
    Made in Korea
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