Neoflam Venn Roaster/Grill 34cm Blue

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    Suitable for use in the oven and on the stovetop, the Neoflam Venn Roaster/Grill Pan is a large, versatile griddle for cooking meat and veges with. Ideal for two-step, grill then bake recipes, use the grill pan to crisp up and sear char marks onto a roast or large steak, and pop straight into the oven to finish. Or, use the pan on top of an outdoor barbeque, to give you the same grill marks and charred, smoky flavour, but on your own, clean cooking surface.
    For trouble free, safe and healthy cooking, Neoflam Venn Roaster/Grill Pans feature the silica-based Ecolon non-stick coating on their interior and exterior surfaces. Ecolon contains no toxic chemicals, and provides excellent food and food residue release without being susceptible to scratching and abrasion. This means you can use it with your metal tongs, metal spatula and metal cooling racks, and still benefit from super easy washing up.
    Sears char marks onto steaks, fish, burgers and chopped vegetables
    Die-cast aluminum construction for even, efficient heat conduction
    Gorgeous deep blue sides and underside
    PTFE free Ecolon non-stick surface
    Ecolon non-stick is safe for the family, pets and native wildlife
    Free from heavy metals and nasty chemicals
    Effortless washing up, with greasy food residue easily lifting off
    Scratch and abrasion resistant non-stick is safe with metal utensils, dishwashers and daily impacts
    Oven safe to 250°C
    Suitable for use on the cooktop, oven, barbeque or any heat source, except induction stoves and microwaves
    Made in Korea
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