Swiss Diamond 5 piece Utensil Set

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    NO MORE MESS! Swiss Diamond kitchen tools are designed with a raised head and balanced stand to keep them from touching the countertop. Reinforced silicone handles withstand temperatures up to 480°F (250°C). Dishwasher safe.

    Set contains 5 items: a turner to easily lift and turn food, with serrated edges to cut delicate items; a batter spatula with a flexible curved head, making it simple to remove every drop of batter from the bowl, or lift left-overs in one piece; a pair of tongs featuring a notched handle to perch on the edge of the pot while you're cooking, and a slotted head to quickly drain excess liquid; a ladle with a deep conical bowl designed to get the last drop of liquid, and flared spouts on each side to make pouring easy; and a skimmer, whose shallow design makes skimming the bottom of the pot simple, while the wide spoon catches large pieces with ease
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