Anolon Knives - The Gourmet Authority

Anolon knives are developed for precision cutting and flawless gourmet performance. A leader in professional cookware, Anolon is leading the way in quality and convenience, producing beautiful knives to last a lifetime.

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The importance of balance

With Anolon knives, the secret is in the design. Forged with premium German carbon steel, each knife is constructed with a full tang and a counter-balance cap to ensure perfect balance, providing exceptional cutting control and the greatest ease in food preparation. SureGrip handles deliver comfort in a beautifully poised ergonomic design. This durable handle is constructed for ultimate security and perfect grip, making any cutting confident and safe.

A favourite of professional chefs, Anolon has long been recognised as a leader in innovative and beautiful knife design. Superior materials and exceptional ease of use have consistently set this brand apart as a pioneer in the gourmet industry.

Making your Anolon knives last

Constructed with ice-hardened German steel, Anolon knives stay sharp longer. Glass finished edges are precisely angled for exceptionally smooth cutting power.

Used in conjunction with the 3 Stage Wet Stone Anolon Knife Sharpener, Anolon knives will consistently impress with the sensitivity of each cut. The Anolon Knife Sharpener features three chambers of ceramic wheels to carefully sharpen each blade. Each wheel varies in coarseness, and is set within an innovative water chamber. Even non-Anolon knives will benefit from the care of an Anolon Knife Sharpener.

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