Brew up the perfect cup with Bodum, the espresso masters

There’s nothing like the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans in the morning. Bring elegance, style and delicious taste into your kitchen with a sleek and contemporary Bodum coffee grinder, designed by the coffee experts to help you create your signature blend with precision and ease.

Simple, elegant and functional, all Bodum products are crafted with a philosophy that centres around quality and affordability. Available in a range of colours and made from durable glass and steel, Bodum coffee grinders,plungers and French presses& are renowned for their sleek design, bringing contemporary flair into any kitchen space.

Bodum – a history of excellence

If there are two pillars the Bodum brand is built on, its good coffee and good design. A family-owned business with origins in coffee pots, Bodum is the world’s leader in providing stylish and cutting edge coffee and tea products, glassware, kitchen electrics and gadgets, with award-winning products designed to bring out the simple pleasures in life. Since launching in Copenhagan in 1944, the company has grown to become an iconic and visionary global homewares brand, renowned in over 55 countries for their signature Scandinavian design aesthetic and affordable, flawlessly functional products.

A flawless coffee experience

The Bodum coffee grinder provides flexibility and control, allowing you to create your perfect cup of coffee. With over 14 settings from coarse to fine, a specially formulated borosilicate glass catcher that reduces static, and both a timed grinding feature and quick-grind option, the advanced features are a barista’s dream. The iconic Bodum French press has been one of the brand’s most popular products since the early 80s, when it quickly became a symbol of the fine quality and craftsmanship the company stands for. Made from stainless steel, with heat-resistant borosilicate glass and a fine mesh filter, Bodum’s revolutionary French presses are designed to extract the perfect amount of aromatic oils and subtle flavours from the bean. For lovers of good coffee, choose the choice of professional tasters. Bodum coffee cups and Bodum coffee glasses complete your coffee experience, giving you the pleasure of waking up every morning to the perfect brew.

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