Bodum Double Wall Glasses

Keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold!

Some like it hot, some like it chilled. With Bodum double wall glasses, you can do either, with clever insulating glass that keeps your hot beverages steaming hot, and your cold drinks ice cold for much longer than your regular glassware.

Complete your drinkware collection with sturdy and stylish Bodum glasses in all different designs and sizes, from little glasses perfect for shots of espresso, to tumblers, coffee mugs and latte glasses.

Bodum double wall glasses let you keep your drink at the perfect temperature, while the outside remains cool to the touch, so you can sip with ease.


Bodum – the experts in glassware

For glassware that is durable, sleek and contemporary, Bodum is the name you can trust. Over the past 60 years, family-owned brand has earned a reputation for stylish, simple and flawlessly functional Scandinavian design. From origins in Copenhagen to today’s thriving headquarters in Switzerland, the company offers award-winning homewares products ranging from glassware to coffee products, kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Today, Bodum is as iconic and visionary as ever, combining traditional, quality craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation. Each product is designed with a philosophy of functionality, style and affordability at the forefront.

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For lovers of beverages hot and cold

Bodum provides glassware that not only looks great, but can handle anything. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe, Bodum Pavina double wall glasses are individually mouth-blown by professional artisans for a unique shape and form. And with a comfortable grip and curved, cool exterior, drinking is a pleasure.