Chasseur Round French Oven Caviar 28cm/6.1L

Chasseur Round French Oven Caviar 28cm/6.1L

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The Round French Oven is perfect for slow cooking and simmering - and great for soups and stews! This is your perfect cooking pot to create your winter warming dishes. It's also ideal for searing meat on the stove top before putting in the oven to complete the cooking process. Its heavy lid with unique concentric rings create a self-basting effect that keeps your food tender and moist while retaining the flavour. It provides all the benefits of cooking with cast-iron including compatibility with use of induction and other cook tops.


Made in France; Produced in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, known the world over for its fine food and wine
Each piece is hand cast in individual sand moulds which are destroyed after each use
The trademark Chasseur coloured enamel is skillfully applied by hand to each unique piece by trained experts
Optimal Gauge on all pieces to promote unsurpassed heat distribution and retention and no hot spots
Environmentally Friendly; Chasseur uses up to 80 percent recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable
Suitable for all heat sources including induction
Beautiful enough to use from the stove top or oven - straight to the table top
Heavy lid with unique concentric rings create a self-basting effect that keeps your food tender and moist while retaining the flavour
Oven Safe to 250 degrees (for pots with stainless steel knobs) and 220 degrees (for pots with black knobs)

Use and Care:

To prevent food from burning and sticking to the cocotte, ensure that only low to medium heat is used. Never use the high heat setting. Never use the booster setting on induction stove. Make sure that the pan is heated well before putting food in
Do not heat empty - put a little oil or lightly smear the cocotte with greased absorbent paper before cooking
We advise against routinely putting enamelled cast iron cookware in the dishwasher. These machines use specific cleaning products that can tarnish and damage the enamel. Avoid the dishwasher completely for items with wooden handles
Avoid drops and knocks, especially on the edges of the product, to keep it free of chips and in tip-top shape. Do not use metal scrapers or other metal utensils. Do not cut up food inside your pot, pan or dish, or you may damage the enamel
Dry the cookware completely after washing before storing it away. If, despite this, some rust patches should appear - which is not dangerous - rub a little cooking fat on the affected spots. For cookware with black matte enamel - you might see white spots after use, caused by minerals from water or starch from food. Follow the same instructions for drying and putting a layer of oil on the matte black enamel

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