Simple elegance with French cutlery

Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party or just setting the table for lunch with the family, a beautiful set of French cutlery adds a touch of finery to any dining experience. It’s the small details that make all the difference, and when it comes to stylish cutlery, there’s no questioning Laguiole is the magic word.

Bring the distinctive style of authentic Laguiole cutlery into your kitchen and experience the pleasure of sophistication and tradition. From steak knives to spoons, cheese knives to forks, tongs, servers, a set of immaculate French dining essentials is the perfect way to give your home dining a fresh injection of style.

Laguiole cutlery - traditional quality and style

Authentic Laguiole cutlery is handcrafted in a small town in the south of France, following a centuries-old traditional craft said to be specially commissioned by Napoleon. Renowned as the world’s best cutlery products, Laguiole steak knives, forks, spoons and servers are essential for anyone with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

The hallmarks of Laguiole design are beautiful, riveted resin handles in a range of colours, forged for perfect balance and comfort, along with large stainless steel heads, with rustic features and a flawless mirror polish. The traditional Laguiole bee insignia leaves a mark of sophistication that will delight your guests (and yourself) each time they are brought to the table.

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Make every meal a fine dining experience

For lovers of fine dining, a Laguiole cutlery set turns everyday meals into a sophisticated and satisfying experience. The Laguiole knife – a sharp-pointed, serrated knife suitable for meats, vegetables and breads – is the centrepiece of the region's cutlery, but each piece brings its own special touch. Complete your existing set or bring a new collection into your home and enjoy the taste of France anywhere, every day.