GLOBAL Knives Australia - As Seen On MasterChef Australia!

With a sleek finish and modern design, Global knives are innovating the way things are cut.

For over twenty-five years, Global’s distinctive stainless steel one-piece design has transformed the modern kitchen. Every Global knife set continues to set the standard for the highest level of gastronomic excellence, carrying on its tradition as a favourite of professional chefs and amateur cooks alike.

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Why choose Global?

With its razor-thin blade and one-piece body, the Global design is flawless in terms of ease of use and functionality. The seamless design is elegant, easy to clean and hygienic.

Hand crafted with tough CROMOVA 18 stainless steel and tempered to a razor sharp edge, Global knives are incredibly durable – needing less sharpening than any other knife. The streamlined design prevents bacteria build-up and is hygienic to use. An attractive, no slip handle complete the award-winning design.

A Global knife set is a stunning addition to any modern kitchen, especially when displayed in any of the eye-grabbing Global knife block designs.

About Global knives

In 1988, Global revolutionised the kitchen knife market by presenting the world’s first one-piece stainless steel kitchen knife at the Ambiente consumer goods fair in Frankfurt.

Since then, this award-winning brand has only grown in reputation and, in response, has extended its range to include the striking Global knife block and a diverse array of specialist knives to make up the Global knife set.

Hand crafted in Japan, each knife is meticulously ground, tempered and sharpened to five star restaurant standards.

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