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Induction cookware

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More and more people are discovering induction cooktops as the most energy-efficient and cost-friendly way to cook. While gas and electric stovetops utilise just 50% of heat produced, induction stoves can utilise up to 90% of energy produced to cook food to perfection.

Because induction cooking works by heating only the base of induction cooktop cookware, rather than the element itself, not all cookware is suitable for use on induction stovetops. This means it’s especially important to make sure you choose the right induction cookware sets for your stove.

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Cooking with induction

Easy to clean and exceptionally safe, induction cooking is fast becoming the preferred method of cooking for many.

When cooking on induction stovetops, it’s important to use suitable induction cooktop cookware. This is because certain cookware materials, such as copper, glass and aluminium, are unsuitable for induction use, which works by using a magnetic field to heat the pan and not the element itself. Look also for cookware with a flat base as conical-shaped pans like woks, which have a limited surface area to heat, can be problematic when cooking on induction stovetops.

Superior induction cookware brands like Scan Pan and Swiss Diamond have released specially-designed, luxury ranges of induction cookware sets, while other innovative brands like Chasseur cookware and FAGOR DUO have developed a line of cookware and pressure cookers suitable for all heat sources, including induction cooking.

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