SolidTeknics: Rock-solid kitchenware for every occasion

As one of Australia’s premier brands, SolidTeknics is a name that elicits trust. It is known for producing high-end cooking utensils that are durable and reliable, enjoying a great reputation in the market. All items are produced from natural, high-quality materials such as cast iron and feature simple and practical design. Two of SolidTeknics collections are available from our site – formidable ‘aus ion’ and innovative ‘AUSfonte’, both truly representative of this great manufacturer.

What our customers say about Solidteknics

‘I first heard about SolidTeknics from a friend and decided to try it out. I haven’t even thought about replacing those handy kitchen tools ever since – they just seem immune to wear and tear. Considering I have a family that usually cooks meals at home, that’s a real accomplishment.’

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Practicality above any other concern

The philosophy of SolidTeknics is that kitchenware is made to be used every day, not kept on the wall. That’s why the company makes sure each of their products is easy to use for food preparation and allows the meals to be both healthy and tasty. In other words, this is a brand that keeps its priorities straight!

Keep it simple, keep it strong

Minimalistic style can be visually appealing when done right, and with SolidTeknics you can count on beautiful curves and very few details to complicate the contour. On the other hand, those products represent a feat of technical engineering and are practically impossible to break or damage.

SolidTeknics Aus ion or AUSfonte – it’s a tough decision

No matter which collection you choose, your kitchen will be well-stocked for years to come. Aus ion and AUSfonte are both excellent options, with the first one combining a classic look with great performance while the latter features a more diverse range with the same, rock-solid reliability.